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About Us

The School

A world-class educational institute offering guaranteed atmosphere to upkeep talents for an advanced tomorrow. Razi international school ensure students to achieve his dream life by providing futuristic education with most international standards.

Razi international school (RIS), where the wisdom of knowledge is enkindled for the betterment, RIS is a well-fabricated foundation to keep the assimilation of knowledge and values from falling off.meaning of Razi (contented or sufficient) RIS creates porous learners contented with knowledge well and enough for both worlds.

The name “Razi” is taken from the name of renowned Imam in the history of Islam, Sheikh Abubaker Al Razi.

Imam Razi was a scientist, a great Islamic scholar walked before the ages excelled in diverse areas of science, medicine, physics, cosmology, philosophy and various Islamic Knowledge genres with an epigram knowledge is charity. By understanding and respecting a visionary of ages and in recreating the lost legacy of the educational system; RIS has its motto: “Reclaim the supremacy of knowledge”.

Our Philosophy

An education that upholds the root of existence, following the values with balancing the modern ideas and culture, were books and blackboard are tools rather than authority for our curriculum. We are trying to create porous learners, understanding one’s own uniqueness also welcoming what others are.

Razi International School (RIS) is a massive educational venture to create legends and leaders with moral values & spiritual wellbeing in all areas of life including Science, Technology, Administration, Arts, Politics, Civil Services and Management etc. by promoting Productive-Creative and Innovative learning. Modern society owes a tremendous amount to the Muslim world for the many groundbreaking scientific and technological advances that were pioneered during the Golden Age of Muslim civilization between the seventh and 17th centuries. Here Razi International School tries to recreate the legends in the Islamic Golden age such as Jabir ibn Hayyan (Father of Chemistry), Al-Zahrawi (physician and surgeon from Muslim Spain), Al-Jazari (Engineer), Abu Musa-al-Khawarizmi (Contributions in Mathematics), Ibn-Sina (Contributions in Medicine), and Ibn-Khythm (Father of Optics).


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence.


We envisage creating a bunch of learners as an abstract for both worlds or under any scenarios. To root them with the glory of freedom and to be an independent being also to nourish them under a horizon emphasis on the process ‘how one comes to know’.


RIS envisages a world in which Muslim youth strives for recreating that golden age of knowledge in the medieval world history. Qurthuba, Samarkand, Spain, Bagdad, Basra, Koofa, Damascus, Delhi, and many other places were centers of Islamic knowledge and culture. In the course of the time, lazy Muslims of that age destroyed that name and fame only because they were not able to keep pace with the time and produce knowledge. RIS tries to rebuild brains from the community itself to enable them to be the producers of knowledge as the world Muslims will not to move as the consumers any longer.


It is not an organization run by some rich magnates but a team that owns a heart with tremendous ideas to give a hand of help in the real need for the real one. The team Razi strongly believes that now is the time to work for the vision mentioned above. Now or never is the motto that inspires the team. With a collective effort Razi plans to work on a mission to find better heads from the students and give to the knowledge which will enable them to lead a better life here and the best in the hereafter.